Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This tools allows you to generate a visual representation of the people and friends you regularly interact with (like, retweet, mention) on Twitter. It allows you to generate an image of your Twitter circle. No login required to use this tool and it will always remain 100% free.

Twitter Circle works by grabbing your likes, retweets, and tweet mentions of other users and using an algorithm it detects who you mostly engage with. It then generates a circle image out of it which represents your Twitter interaction circle also known as Twitter circle of friends.

This tool only collects the public information from your Twitter profile, such as your likes, retweets, and tweet mentions of other users. It does not collect any personal information or require you to log in to use the tool.

Yes, this tool is safe to use. It only collects public information from your Twitter profile and does not require you to log in or share any personal information.

Yes, you can use this tool without a Twitter account. Simply enter the Twitter handle of the person whose Twitter interaction circle you want to generate, and the tool will use public information from their profile to generate the circle image.

Yes, this tool is 100% free to use. There are no hidden fees or charges for using this tool. It is and will always remain free to use.

This tool uses an advanced algorithm to calculate Twitter engagement and generate the Twitter interaction circle. It is designed to be highly accurate and provide a detailed representation of a person's Twitter circle of friends.

Twitter Circle was inspired by Chirpty, but uses a different algorithm with improved accuracy/depth for calculating engagement and generating the Twitter interaction circle. This tool can be seen as a Chirpty alternative.

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